In today’s world, information is the critical factor for business success and is rapidly transforming the way businesses are conducted. It is imperative for key personnel to be acquainted with Information Communication Technology (ICT) as it allows information to be efficiently disseminated, collaborated and controlled.

Arthatek is an innovative, full service ICT Consulting firm and a leading end to end mobile data solutions provider based in Selangor Malaysia.

Founded in year 2000 on private Malaysian capital by a small group of programmers, engineers and designers we have grown to broad network of ICT and SMS messaging solutions.

Arthatek positions itself as the leader in identifying, developing, implementing, branding and maintaining dynamic marketing and communication concepts through the utilization of SMS messaging solutions.

Arthatek provides true mobile data aggregation services to its clients in a greatly diversified mobile landscape, simplifying the deployment of inter carrier mobile data delivery solutions.

The business is enabled to communicate brand, marketing or info messages to communities (external or internal) via on-line and SMS messaging technologies, with minimum barrier to entry to Arthatek’s text message m-track.


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